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Charlie does it AGAIN!!

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The ANSTON Powerhouse does it yet AGAIN!!

Congratulations to Charlie Ellis, local Anston lad on beating Ivan Wilson of Ingles Gym by Unanimous Decision on Thursday 14th March 2024.


Charlie trains out at Parsons Cross Boxing Gym and also here at where he not only trains in boxing under Endeavour but also trains in K1 Kickboxing at The Black Falcon Club.

Charlie will be giving back to the local community now where he will not only train and inspire, but he will also be assisting coaches in training sessions delivered to fans, followers and members of he club! Wow a great opportunity for all.

Falcon Fight Academy now also sponsors Charlie in his training and supplying fight photography and internal PR through their branch

We look forward to a comment from our Patron at ENDEAVOUR, Mr Stephen Greaves!

Photography  by   Janson-Piers Imaging

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Charlies Next Fight.......

My next fight is on the home show on the 14th March 2024  
Admission is by ticket only, £15.00

Thank you for all your continued support and I look forward to seeing you all there 


Venue is: 

Colley Working Mens Club

2 Margetson Rd, Parson Cross, Sheffield S5 9LS, United Kingdom

Charlie WINS by Unanimous Decision

On his first outing with Parsons Cross Boxing Club

Charlie secures a cracking win by Unanimous decision. He looked strong all the way through the fight and forced his opponent to take a standing count in the 2nd Round. 

Not the easiest fight he has ever had as he had a  real strong and game opponent, but certainly the most rewarding after recently

re-directing his career.

Hoping this is a sign of things to come! 

Next Fight Lined up & Latest News!!!!

Hi all I have now moved gyms and I’m fighting out of Parsons Cross ABC under the strict supervision of Bob Wright
I’m finding the training hard, but very beneficial for my style of fighting
There’s regular and quality sparring along with excellent coaching from all down there
My weight has come down now and very close to the target!
My next fight is on the home show on the 9 November  
Admission is payment on the door, on the night of
Thank you for all your continued support and I look forward to seeing you all there 


Venue is: 

Colley Working Mens Club

2 Margetson Rd, Parson Cross, Sheffield S5 9LS, United Kingdom

Phone+44 114 232 1529

Why is Charlie on
the run??

Well, here you have it, as promised we will post training videos and fight results etc as and when we can.


Charlie has been really busy, always approaching his training with vigor and intent.

His last training session away from the boxing gym, involved Hill Running and if not hard enough he chose to do some of the running in a weighted vest and the final 10 rounds in the vest and the  "Elevation" mask. This item makes the lungs work harder and improves breathing and stamina.

Charlie seems to take these extra hard sessions in his stride. He is really keen and we can only hope for the very best for him in the future!

Charitable Charlie

Saturday 27th May 2023 saw Steve Greaves of Dinnington complete a Half Marathon around the Town and raise the much needed funds for Medical Equipment and a Specialised Buggy for two local children in conjunction with the Kids @ Heart Charity.


Pictured here is Charlie who, with others, also joined in on the run and to accompany Steve.


It was really hot so everyone had to keep hydrated, but all were in good spirit, even the shoppers were also cheering and clapping everyone on.


Charlie welcomed the run as he is now cutting weight as discussed in the last news blast, which will enable him to fight in the category that will most probably suit him best. 


Charlie is keen to give back to his local community and to help others also during his training. He may have some real big news very shortly! 


Report by PR Team


Rotherham Fight News!


Fight images at the end of this report, scroll down.

On the evening of Wednesday 17th May Charlie Ellis of Ingles Boxing Academy Sheffield boxed on the home show at Greasbrough Working Mens Club Rotherham with a bout that was to be contested over 3 rounds. The evening was a well attended event with Charlies supporters taking a large number of tickets.


His opponent, arranged on the evening was a Rahan Musa of Premier Boxing Club. When the guys took to the ring it was noticeable Charlies opponent was a lot taller and heavier, however, Charlie always has a big heart and was not phased.  As the bout unfolded it was to be the door opening up to a new line of education and train of thought, in that Charlie had willingly taken the fight, but his opponent certainly had ring time and experience on his side along with a height, weight and reach advantage.  


Charlie started the bout strong and moved in on Musa with a barrage of combination punches to the body and head. Being much shorter Charlie took the initiative to get in close where he was finding success. It was considered by the home crowd and numerous boxing experts who were in attendance, that Charlie had edged the 1st round.


Musa read the plan of action well and started moving and keeping his distance, firing off shots at range and moving in as and when it suited him. Musa did land two low blows within seconds of each other at full power, which he was warned for within the 1st minute. He also got away with another on the referee's blind side before the bell rang to end the round which Charlie finished strong in.


Round two saw both fighters end up head to head again, Charlie got caught with a strong jab just outside the 1st minute, to which he replied with a strong counter again, but the referee stepped in and administered the 8 count.  It was a good display of boxing off both fighters before Charlie took another stiff shot, to which he signaled didn't warrant the 2nd eight count he received.  He yet again dug his heels in and powered on before the referee decided Musa's last exchange just on the outside of the 1st minute of this 2nd round should end the bout, he made that very difficult decision of stopping a fight, in favour of Musa.


After returning from the changing rooms, the talking started between Charlie, his Father and some very experienced people within the game and most were of the opinion that although Charlie was in top shape and he fought well, his height meant that if he could strip down a bit more and drop to a lower weight category it could prove highly advantageous being the heavier fighter in that category rather than the lightest as with the evenings bout he had just taken.


Charlie had bulked up so he could do his Royal Marines Commando training and realises now, this is proving to be a disadvantage in regards to his boxing career, so things WILL change. Already, 1 night after Charlie returned to training, he opted for a different weights, fitness and stamina routine and is now to enter into talks with a sports nutritionist. If it means coming down a fighting weight Charlie is fully prepared to do it. His boxing skills, coming out of the Ingles Boxing Academy are well schooled as one can imagine and this change he feels will make all the difference. So to finalise, this bout wasn't seen as a loss, but a heads up in his young career and a turning point and a re-direction.


Good Luck Charlie.  

(All Reports are written by the PR Team).

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Hot News...

Charlie is fighting on the 17th May

If you would like to come and support him please ask on here or message Tony Ellis and he will arrange your tickets

Tickets are £10 and the venue is :


Greasbrough Working Mens Club



S61 4DX


Thanks to all those who have already bought tickets

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